Here’s a quick list of companies Wakesurf Vermont is proud to partner with, along with referring visitors to local services we enjoy!

shield-logoCenturion Boats

WetSounds-Silver-Chrome-800px Wetsounds Marine Audio

SignatureLogo_previewThe Walker Project Wakesurf Boards

ColchesterCity of Colchester

wnd n wvsWND N WVS Beach Clothing

thespot The Spot on the Dock – Food & Beverages on the lake

LEADWAKE.COM-mainwhite-v_57b5ba48-9717-4cd4-aac1-b6d98e90d3b2_850x Lead Ballast Bags

2000px-American_Red_Cross_LogoAmerican Red Cross

usa-water-ski-logoUSA Waterski Instructor Certification